Node-red-contrib-zwave-js | V10 Progress Update

I have put this under Developing Nodes, as it's not really at the point of sharing.

Last year, I began the process of getting the module upto v10.
V10 is the largest update, and will potentially be the biggest ever.

However, work got in the way, so progressed slowed, but hopefully looking to continue from now.

V10 is a complete re-write (from the core of the operation to the Management UI)
just to name a few

  • Long Range Support
  • Migrate to typescript
  • Migrate to Configuration Nodes (Unlimited Networks)
  • Better Message/command structure
  • Controller Firmware Update Support
  • A Massive UI refresh
  • Control over Radio message routing (create your own preferred message route, to gain optimum performance)

There will be a few breaking changes, but these will be documented prior to a BETA being realeased.

As for the UI, its been completely re-written.

  • Better Endpoint Access/Visibility
  • Much tighter Node RED UI integration
  • Intelligent Notifications (when you are not working on network management)

Example of the new Side Bar

Example of being alerted to a significant Device inclusion event
(when the side bar is not active)

Jun-07-2024 09-18-28

Example of advanced network operations UI

Jun-07-2024 09-24-33

V10 is HUGE! but for my fellow users, I hope the above is of exciting news!

Have a great Weekend all.