[UPDATE] node-red-contrib-zwave-js 6.4.0


Its been a while since I have been able to work on this project. Long storey short, workhorse got deaded, got new workhorse.

Now I have a new machine (an M1 Apple Product if your interested)
I present node-red-contrib-zwave-js 6.4.0.

6.4.0 focuses on the final implementation of S2 security, in the form of Smart Start :partying_face: .

That's right! you can now add your devices to the network using only its QR Code.

Testing shows, doing this on a large number of devices can cause USB sticks to struggle with bandwidth - especially when all your Smart Start devices are trying to get interviewed at the same time - so keep that in mind - Do Smart Start includes one at a time (allowing devices to fully interview)

Here is the gist for 6.4.0:


  • When a new node appears in the UI list after it gets added to the network, its battery is correctly reported.
  • Fix potential crash, if Remove Failed Node is called twice for the same node.
  • Device nodes now clone the received network message, removing a situation where filter node outputs,
    are affected by other device nodes having the same interest in the object.
  • Account for 3 digit node ID's in UI
  • Fixed event-filter ignoring strict mode

New Features

  • Implemented Zwave S2 Security Smart Start.
    This includes a new mobile UI, allowing you to use it as a device inclusion tool.
  • Expose further driver timeout options


  • Controller ready checks are now made prior to showing any UI modal form, that may depend on the controller.
  • The battery icon in the node list is now updated, whenever a device transmits an update.
  • JSON Keys are now quoted in the UI monitor
  • The timestamp value in event messages are now the time in milliseconds from the unix epoch
  • Bump ZWJS to 8.8.2
  • Bump serial port to 9.2.8