User Input : node-red-contrib-zwave-js


The purpose of this post, is to engage users of node-red-contrib-zwave-js (node) - Node-RED.
According to analytics, where opted in of course, around 130 active installations are known with this Node.

130 isn't a big number, but this post will exist if I had 1 user - I like to look after users :smile:
And this is why I would like to engage anyone who is using this node.

So what's happening?

Open ZWave officially closed shop on November 17th 2022, I therefore would like to ensure what I provide, continues to benefit users, present and future as a result of the work we do at ZWave JS!

I am starting have started the development of v9!

V9 is going to be BIG!

  • Migrate to typescript
  • Move to config nodes
  • Ensure the UI remains in the side panel (removing the model prompts if possible)
  • lots of other stuff

There will be some changes (all positive), but there will be some unavoidable breaking changes along the way - moving to config nodes is one (allthough it does allow unlimited zwave networks - so let me have that at least :sweat_smile:)

I would like to ask my beloved users (who ever you are), what you would like to see (or not) in the next major version - don't be silly now :sweat_smile:

feel free to discuss here or on the GitHub discussion for V9


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