Stuck with playing a file - TTS, MP3, omxplayer, vlc


I'm stuck - yet again.

Headless RPI
I use google TTS but only recently discovered a problem with this.
If there is no uplink, the message won't be translated, so won't be able to be played.

Make a message which says what I want to hear (no uplink available) and find the .mp3 file and play it instead.

Found. renamed to something user friendly and moved.

Let's say it says: Uplink not available

ssh into machine and I use omxplayer to play .mp3 files.
omxplayer uplinkDown.mp3 and it plays fine.
I hear ALL the message.
No, sorry, I hear uplkink not avail

Likewise with the exec node
uplink not avail

I have VLC but it has its own set of problems with the the exec node.
NOTHING is played.


Sorry Andrew, not quite clear what the ask is here. Sounds like you've managed to work around the issue with a local file to play? So what else is needed? Is it that you want that played in the connected users browser?


the mp3 file is the full message.

If I use VLC to play it, I hear it clearly/completely.
Using VLC it works/plays back 100%.

But weirdly if I use omxplayer I hear only 90% of it.

So the messages is uplink not available
(Drats, I can't share the file)

I have since found a better one which says uplink off line and it plays completely.

I'm just confused what is going on with omxplayer (yeah, sorry, off topic) but it plays all other sound files ok.

No worries. Sound output on Linux has always been a dark art to me. :slight_smile:

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