Style normal buttons to match the multistate-switch

Hi folks,

Some users have been asking us if we could add a button-like-behaviour to our node-red-contrib-multistate-switch. But of course - like @dceejay already mentioned - a switch is not a button...

But to make sure your buttons have the same style as the multistate switches, you can easily style your normal buttons to look similar to the multistate switches:


You can read this tutorial to see how easy it is.

All credits go to @hotNipi for this one. I was wearing only the hat of technical writer :slight_smile:

Have fun with it !

HotNipi and Bart


I tried with FF and Chrome but it seems to spill out of its container ?


@hotNipi could you take a look at this please ?

Share that part of flow with those buttons including the CSS.

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Sorry it looks like its fighting with some of your other CSS tips.

I thought it would have targeted OK using custom class, but will have a look to see what else I need to overide from "Master style override"

Hi @smcgann99,
I will need to redirect you unfortunately to my CSS partner @hotNipi. But the poor devil is currently busy behind the scene, answering all my questions about one of his other nodes :wink:

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It's OK I found some other CSS that was clashing.

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Is it something general that we should update or add on our readme page, to avoid other users run into the same problem?


No its all OK now, I think its just down to my experiments with CSS. I should have thought of that before posting.

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