Subflow input output wires disappear

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I hope it fits the category chosen since wiring is a pretty basic functionality in node-red. The problem is that no clue why and when but sometimes the wires from my subflow inputs to the first node disappear (and the same happens to the output node wires).

Any hints are welcome!

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Hi @r0ller

we've not had any similar reports to this, so any more information you can share would be appreciated.

What version of Node-RED are you using? What browser? Are there any error messages in the browser's javascript console? If you hit deploy, is the flow broken because the wires are not there, or is this just a visual quirk where the wires exist but aren't being drawn properly?

Are you able to reproduce this reliably?

Hi @knolleary

Here are some details:
Node-RED version: v1.0.2
Node.js version: v12.13.0
Linux 4.19.66-v7+ arm LE (on raspberry 3b+)
Dashboard version 2.19.0

The browsers used in our team are mainly chrome and firefox -at least I haven't seen anything else. I'm using firefox.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell if there are any messages in the console. I haven't checked it but will do so next time.

Deploy works just fine which is really strange. But it's definitely not just a ui/visual bug as it affects running the flow. E.g. the subflow pasted takes care of the role based authentication according to which we enable/disable ui widgets for the user. So when the input/output wires disappear in that subflow the app will go funky like certain things will be disabled or won't be shown for you which you shall be able to see, etc. At this stage we usually suspect that someone has changed the logic of a flow or something is screwed up in the db. The last thing we check if the wires are still in place.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to reproduce it. It happens once in a month or so (this was the third occasion) but I know that this info is of no help. Next time I'll check the console...

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Hi again,

It has just happened again so I managed to check the console and there aren't any messages (neither error nor any other kind). Besides, I made a little change in a subflow concerned by just moving the first node after the input node where the wire disappeared to be able to trigger a deploy. Nothing got reported during the deploy except that it was successful.

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Sorry to butt in here, but I reported this yonks ago.

Are you able to reproduce it reliably? Is there any way to avoid this?

Every time I exported/imported the subflow it did it.

I reported it (looking for my post now) and it was taken on as a problem.

I won't say more just now. I'm searching a lot of posts and I think it was a real while back.

In our case, we don't even touch the subflows concerned. Someone deploys his work done on another tab/flow and the wires disappear after a while on certain subflows.

Ok, that isn't what I reported.

Mine was I wrote a subflow on one machine and tested it.

I exported it and imported it to another machine.

The wires between the input and the actual nodes, and the nodes and the outputs were missing.

I tested this a few times and, as said: I was told it would be addressed.
Typically I can't find the thread just now.
I need to learn how to do better searches.

I think your issue is the same. At least, the symptoms. The difference is that your input/output wires disappeared in the subflow on exporting/importing while ours disappear due to normal deploys (or god knows what).

This is my thread:

Subflow wires missing

Jan 2

Thanks! I hope it'll help them find the root cause and fix both as yours is reproducable while mine is not.

These are two separate issues.

@Trying_to_learn reported an issue regarding the Link node wires disappearing.

That is a different issue to the wires to the Subflow input/output nodes spontaneously disappearing.

I thought only that the logic handling the wiring is the same regardless of what kind of nodes are wired.

@r0ller I see you are on v1.0.2.
Can you move to v1.0.4 to see if it happens there?

I also considered it but I can only try it later (in roughly two weeks) as I'm kind of concerned about such a change right before a milestone.

Hi @r0ller,

As much as I can understand your reluctance to update, I was on NR 1.0.3.

Updating to 1.0.4 fixed it.

So alas it is a double edged sword.

If you have more than one machine: update one and see if it fixes the problem.


Upgraded to 1.0.4 during the weekend but no luck: it's still happening :frowning:

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Are you the only one editing the flow or are multiple people working in the editor?

That's what I also suspect. There may even be 7 people working on the project at the same time but not on the same flow usually and definitely noone on the subflows in question.