Sum bar issue with no data at certain time

Hello all,
Having an issue with sum bar read out chart where I am logging input data on an hourly basis but for some reason even though I am logging the data, the data will not show on the sum bar chart.
Sorry I should have said it only happens for the hour of 00:00. All other time slots fill fine.

Tried everything
Thanks in advance

A little more information would be helpful like

  • what node are you using for the graph?
  • where is the data coming from?
  • what platform/os are you using?
  • what version of NR, node.js and the dashboard are you using? (you can find this in the NR startup log)
  • I see no data at 03, 04, 05, 06, and 07 is that valid?
  • are you sure there is data for 00?

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apaologise for the font choice :upside_down_face:
The graph is taking an input 1 from a solenoid from iot digital input node. It records the amount of strikjes a machine does over a 24 hr period.
The hours from after 02:00 are empty as machine stops running around 2ish, but is certainily running in the 00:00 hours and should be giving me a reading on the chart.
Thanks for your reply.

and the answers to the rest of my questions are...

Sorry for not answering the important ones.
I am running node red on the Siemens iot 2020.
Programming is done through this over network. Its user interface is displayed on a raspberry pi connected to a pi screen.
I just program nodes over my windows machine.
I'm not at the unit at the minute to confirm nodejs version but im pretty sure its 10.something as I have ran into trouble in the past where Siemens iot 2020 nodered software is not supported by nodejs version 12.

what node are you using for the graph?
Can you provide the flow?

Was it first time or you are seeing the issue in all midnights? Or some other times when you expect other outcome? Can you collect raw data for analysis?

It is only at midnight. I have a message debug node and it does not show any data being generated during this hour, even though the machine is running. I have a couple of units running similarly and it is the exact same with them. It only does not record for the midnight hour.

Im susing the sum bar and template for the graph.

Sum bar3 sumbar1

So no data is getting into the flow at that time?

Hi all just a quick update on this problm. Im still not getting any redaout at 00:00 hrs. I am now using and interval timestamp node to generate the signal for the graph to increment but still not getting anything.


I have same issue, its nothing to do with no data, I guess its an issue with the node, the issue was first opened January 2019 and does not appear to have been resolved, its still an open issue on github

And looking deeper, the author hasn't had any activity on GitHub since October 2018.
This might be abandoned...

Thanks everyone for the super help.
I am wondering if @knolleary would have a quick look at this and see a solution.
Thanks again

Hi @Pac8

I've never used this node. Sorry.

Ok thanks anyway. Ill keep on looking.

Quick update on this problem.
Data is being aquired and I am still able to store it via an excel spreadsheet. The timing of the actions on my input node are timed inbetween the hours of 00:00 and 01:00 but as you can see from previous posts data not being recorded on the sum bars chart.


Thank you

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