Sun Events node triggers all events at midnight

I'm experimenting with the "Sun Events" node that's included in the node-red (Home Assistant plugin) installation. It seems to trigger all the events (about 15 of them ?) at midnight. I have it wired to a Notify node so I get them on my phone. At the time, I had the "test mode" button checked. Is this expected behavior ? In short, I'm trying to get "Sun Events" to generate a msg, so that I can inspect it.

Show your flow and what you have configured if you would like in-depth help

But in general, if you send many messages to a notify node you should expect to get them all on your phone if that is the purpose of such setup. If you are just interested in a few, you would need to add a filter or better, configure the sending component to only send what you are looking for

Is your HA server time setted up correctly?

Good reminder on posting code next time, sorry about that.

I ended up re-creating the simple setup, and seems to be working fine now. Go figure.

Thanks anyway.


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