Sunny Home Manager Data Error

I have a problem with reading the data from my smart home manager. I am running a node-red v2.2.3 inside a docker container on my raspberry pi4. I have forwarded the udp port 9522 inside the container.
I have configured a udp-in mulitcast and receive data, but in fact it seems wrong in terms of the length.
This is the data I receive:


Can anybody confirm that the data is wrong? Any idea what might be wrong?

Hi @lori and welcome the forums

We are going to need a lot more context to be able to help.

  • What goodies in this UDP datagram are you expecting?
  • What size are you expecting?

As you can imagine, the forums cover a whole host of systems, so some context about the system and what you're expecting from it will help.

Hi @marcus-j-davies, thanks for the quick reply.
Meanwhile I found the problem. Within docker container, the udp multicast is not easy to setup. I switched to unicast inside the sunny manager settings in the sunny portal and now I revieve all data and the flows are working.

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