Super Mario Lego

One of my grandsons has just received this Lego kit that was released on the 1st August, 2020.
Although I've only seen it working via Zoom, it would appear that it uses BLE to communicate.
I just feel a great IoT project coming on!!!!


I have it sat in an unopened box right next to me.

Unfortunately I have to wait until next Monday for my son to open's his birthday presents before I'll be allowed to play.


Well I share your frustration as I've only seen it in action via Zoom, but when I spoke with my grandson he sounded very excited!!!
He has a couple of Raspberry Pi(es) and uses Node-RED so I'm sure he will be investigating communicating with it via BLE.

I'm sure your son (and maybe his dad) will really enjoy it.

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Hi Nick,
My grandson contacted me today asking if it's possible to intercept the Bluetooth messages from/to Super Mario Lego. I told him I didn't know, but I knew a man who might know.
He's done a Bluetooth scan and can see a device called LEGO Mario, so it might be possible.

Kind regards, David.

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