Switch from alexa-cakebaked to applestrudel - via console

Good Morning everybody,

as you may have noticed I was having alot of trouble updating my instance to the latest versions. With the help of you I managed to fix nearly every issue without doing a "from scratch" dance - so thank you very much for your efforts.

That said, one last issue is pending here. It seems, that something is causing crashes of the instance every ~15 Minutes. Thats very unfortunate. Reading the error logs I see alot of Problems comming from Alexa. As I am using the "dropped" cakebaked module I think the best option would be to upgrade to applestrudel.

Here comes my Question: Applestrudel suggests upgrading via console and delivers commands for the upgrade-process:

node-red admin remove node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2
node-red admin remove node-red-contrib-alexa-cakebaked
node-red admin install node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel

Unfortunatelly I have installed node-red as an iobroker-adapter, so the commands do not work for me on the console. The other way of updating would be to export all nodes, erase everything, and delete/change the adapters afterwards. This way does not feel good, so is there an "iobroker" version for the commands delivered?

Best regards