Node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2 migration

I am currently using this (It still works for me!) on A Raspberry Pi.

And want to migrate to this on an Ubuntu PC.

I'm moving all the nodes to the new machine.
My question:
Can I install the "applestrudel" version on the new machine (Ubuntu PC) and have the old version still running on the Raspberry Pi without them conflicting?

If they are on a different machine then I cannot see why it would be a problem. The "applestrudel" version installs nodes with the same names etc so it will be picked up by the flow.

I was just wondering if the Amazon authentication might get messed up, for example.

I wondered about that but its just the same as having 2 browsers open to the alexa app.
I tested that and it works ok for me.

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@ghayne i have apple strudel on node-red, i also have 2 other instances of remote2 on a vera plus and openluup. The all log in fine to amazon with no conflicting issues. So i would think you would be fine.
[edit] smcgann99 sorry post reply to wrong person.

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I'm starting to think you are stalking me :wink:

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Thanks @E1cid, I'll give it a try!

It worked!

So everything is working fine but I cannot receive alexa events! at all. Any suggestions?

"So everything is working fine" <> "but I cannot receive alexa events! at all" :slight_smile:

Would you like to start again? :slight_smile:

Everything else is working fine. I knew someone would pick that up :slight_smile:

A restart of node-red worked!

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