Switch node causes Feedback!


Hi, I've noticed that the swicth node is causing feedback. Perhaps it's simplest to explain with a diagram:

When I click on the ON inject node the following happens:

  1. Nodered sends a power on command over MQTT
  2. Sonoff switches on and sends an ON status ipdate via MQTT
  3. Nodered receives the update and updates the UI
  4. The switch component sends another ON command!!

Step 4 is the problem. I don't expect the status update to cause a command to be sent again!

I've noticed in cases where I have several UIs open, or I switch to a UI that has been in the background for a while that this causes many queued messages to be sent at once! :open_mouth:

Is there a way to prevent this feedback loop?


Clear the message pass through option in the switch


Ah looks like I was using the deprecated ui modules rather than the newer dashboard. How confusing!

Now that I've installed the newer version I can see all the settings that I need to prevent the feedback!