Switch Node: Does not contain

I have a device (Smartmeter) that sends strings.
All strings start with a number, for example 0-1:96.1.0 and then a value (1234.56*) and ends with carriage return
The smartmeter does sometimes send carriage return before the value is transmitted.
I filter most messages with the switch node using [string contains 0-1:96.1.0]

But how do I get the one string that doesn't start with 0-1: ?
Is there a function or something that does: [string does not contain 0-] ?

Use a function node:

m = msg.payload.replace("(","").replace(")","")
msg.payload = parseFloat(m)

return msg;

Thanks a million :partying_face:

You can do that in a switch node. Set the first as you have done to [string contains 0-1:96.1.0] and the add a second rule set to otherwise