Testing Message - eui - Must be true

I have a msg.payload = eui-xxxxxxxxxx

I only want the pass on the message if it starts with eui.

If the message does not start with eui it needs to be blocked.

Were thinking along the line of function node with , buttt:

var output = msg.payload.split("-");
var e = parseFloat(output[0]);
if (e = "eui") {
return msg;

else {


Any help will be appreciated.

Use a switch node

Only connect output 2.



Thank you for your help......SOLVED


Just to note that doesn't quite do what you asked. You specifically required that the string starts with "eui-" but the Switch node will pass any message that contains "eui-" anywhere in the string even if it does not start with that. So it would pass "eui-xxxx" but also aeui-xxxxx

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