System console debug node

i need help in this flow ,as you can see I send the data to (system console) in the debug node and after that i need help ( how i can call this data and but it in the function template

i am very new in node red and this is my first Proj. ( i am asking Alexa to read the ambient temp. )

if you can help
Ahmed Kanaan

have you read the documentation on context?

hi Zenofmud
thanks for help , i am reading ( the documentation on context ) it is very helpful thanks , if you can tell me how i can call this data ( i am using a function template , so please if you can give me a code or refer to link )

If you are reading that page it covers how to use context in a function node

use context.set() to save data and context.get() to retreive data,e.g.

var data = context.get("data"); // load saved data in variable named data

context.set ("data", data); // save info of variable data into conext named "data"