Table Not Displaying with One Row


Thanks to all of the folks here that have gotten me started.

Here is the dilemma I have. I have a table that is formatted with the following syntax:

<font size="6">
<table id="table" border="1" width="100%" >
 <tr style="text-aling:center"  ng-repeat="row in msg.payload">
   <td style="text-align:center" ng-repeat="item in row" >{{item}}</td>

My raw data from my input node looks like this:

{"topic":"","payload":["Last Shift",2556,2506,50],"_msgid":"16493682.e79459","ShiftCount":3,"ShiftStart":7}

It works great when I have more than one row, but with one row it shows no data.

Thanks for the help!!!



Check that the data actually still has the same format when it only contains the 1 row. For example is it still an array of arrays.