Tabulator in ui-template issue with js from

Hi! I am looking for an editable table where one column value can be selected from dropdown list which is populated from incoming msg. I was looking at node-red-contrib-ui-etable but it can handle only predefined values.
So I came across message from this thread Tabulator where @ madhouse suggests his approach with ui-templates.
With this I stuck at the problem that I can not load these js from Browser console states error 520, i.e. GET net::ERR_ABORTED 520. So I can not figure out from where this problem occur.
Another idea is to run Tabulator locally on my Rasp. How should I install so Node Red can refer to it.
So far I have no idea about Ajax but seems worth to try.

That appears to be a Cloudflare specific error. Maybe try jsdelivr instead.

Hi, I tried jsdelivr but the same effect produced so it seems the problem is somewhere in my Rasp configuration. Now I ended up with installing Tabulator locally. At least it seems to work so I can start to experiment with these tables. Thanks!

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