Tado api 'call for heat ' status?

I have got the api working for most api calls sucessfully. However I cannot find where the api reports the status of the ' call for heat' ie contact closed for Heating! The most obvious field of Heating Power seems to report 'ON' depending on the state of the 'schedule' for the heating. The api also reports a Tado generated % figure( which is presumably a hangover from the OpenTherm interface, which is not offered in UK). There does not seem to be a threshold % figure which triggers the closure of the relay contacts.

Has anyone sucessfully cracked how they have implemented this? At the moment my determination of Boiler ON is determined by the temperature of flow and return sensors on the pipework close to the boiler. Whilst the state of the Tado 'demand for heating' contacts will not determine actual burner state (ie cut out, overtemperature etc) it will be better than my current sensor based solution.

There is a Tado client node for node-red available, does that provide what you need ?

I am using the Node Red Tado Client - it works to provide getZoneState - but the question is where is the payload for 'Call for Heat' (contacts closed) hidden in the response.

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