Tasmota DC Power Monitoring Hardware. Does it exist?

Hey All.
I'm looking for hardware to monitor DC power consumption. I've seen that Sonoff makes something but I would prefer something with Tasmota. I've tried flashing Sonoff modules with Tasmota but I fried the pads and couldn't make the connection. I can try again but I'd prefer not to.


Search Google for Athom - they have Tasmota installed by default.

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I think Athom don't do DC power monitoring devices?

Yes, I didn't see any. Looks like Sonoff has the market...

I think I should read the posts more carefully! :slight_smile:

What voltage and current are you looking for ?

12 - 24v not a whole lot of current. Basically want to monitor how much my LEDs are using.

Tasmota supports the following -

INA219, INA226 and INA3221 sensors via !2C bus. So you could connect one of these to an ESP2866 or similar flashed with Tasmota.

Another option is to use ACS712 Current Sensor. This gives an analogue voltage out which represents the current. So it needs to be connected to ADC input.

You can calculate the current approximately based on the number of LEDs. 20mA each colour, so RGB LEDs are 60mA multiplied by total LEDs.

In my case my LED strips use nearly 30A !!!

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