Home made clip on energy meter/monitor

Has any one here had any experience of making their own CT type energy monitor. I was thinking along the lines of a Sonoff device (maybe a TH16) with a clamp type CT that can be repurposed/reprogrammed with Tasmota and the data can be MQTT'ed into Node red. Just want to record usage data so I can see where all the kWh's are going.


Hello, yeah a few years ago I made a 'smart' meter using an esp8266 board (running tasmota) and a PZEM Energy monitor module.

I interfaced the energy module to the ESP8266 following the instructions on this thread

(see the comment on Oct 16th which starts with "Hi! I finally got it working without the RS485 interface!")

The data is sent back to my home automation Pi via MQTT.
Then I created a simple power monitoring page using NodeRed.

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I bought one of these PZEM-004T units a few years ago and connected it, via level shifters, to a Wemos D1 Mini flashed with Tasmota which sent the readings via MQTT to Node-RED.


Here's a view of my Node-RED dashboard. The readings are also sent to Clarify ( https://www.clarify.io/ ) which enables me to view historical graphs and perform cost-calculations.


Homebrew PZEM with ESP Wemos Di Mini here. MQTT, Node-RED, IndluxDB and Grafana. There are more graphs showing costs, savings per day, energy per day. Once you pull the figures from the PZEM through MQTT, you can manipulate and display as you want.


Thanks for the feedback chaps. Looks like the PZEM device is the way to go with a bit of jigery pokery. Was kinda hoping for a more off-the-shelf solution though.

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