TCP IP Send receive data

What have you searched for so far? The forum software is helpful and shows how many clicked a link. The badges are still missing, suggesting you clicked neither of the links @bakman2 so kindly shared.
If you had checked out the "flows" menu item on this very same site and searched for "tcp" you would have found the following example for TCP:

So far in this thread I've seen you asking the same question over and over: does someone have examples, can someone give me code. I'm seeing very little actual input of yourself of explaining what you've done so far to find the answer yourself, beyond asking that same question over and over. We don't have the same reader as you have. We don't know anything about it, nor can we help you by giving you the answer. But we can help you once you've something, and show willingness to find the answer without others writing everything for you.

For example, that line was in your opening post. The flows you then posted had ports set first to 2189, next to 90, all in the same flow. At no stage you explained what was at port 90 that you were trying to access through this tcp-request node. Without information like that it's hard to help you.

Thanks for sharing the link
Using this Not only i'm able to get Read RFID tag data also able to control Reader and GPIO pins. also export RFID tag data in my Database.

Thanks once again for the help and support.

What would be truly helpful would be for you to share your success with the community.

Document the RFID device and post the flow (or a cut down working version) to help future readers.

You can post it here or in Node red flows

Thanks in advance.

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