TCP Server Failure event generating taking 120 sec

Hi All,

I am connected to tcp server to do write operation. When Server is disconnected and I perform write operation, I am publishing failure response but It takes 2 min to capture failure response by catch node. I don't see any such configuration. Using status Node I am able to generate server disconnect response but I have to send failure response on every server write operation.

Please refer below url for the flow example.


I am not certain, but I suspect that is not under the control of node-red, it may be the time that your OS waits before signalling the timeout.

Perhaps you could use a ping node to monitor whether the server is connected.

Hi Colin,
Even when the server is disconnected, it is taking time to respond.


Possibly it thinks it should try again, since you have asked it to do so.
You can easily use the disconnected status to block requests to the node if you want to do that.

When The server is disconnected, I just dont want to block the request. I want to send back the failure message which I am doing through catch block but it is taking 2 minutes to catch the exception using catch block

As I said, I suspect that is an OS networking function rather node-red, though I may be wrong.
You could also use the disconnected status to trigger the failure message.

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Disconnected status is triggered only once.

It should be triggered every time it goes from connected to disconnected.

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