Telegram Reply node is NOT working?


@RavinderSingh13 you are not replying by clicking message and clicking reply and the send

Notice my reply has the original message i reply to above it. You need to click the message select reply then type message and send, The reply to listens for replies to a specific message not just a reply.

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ohhhh @E1cid that's really AWESOME, replying to message has worked flawlessly. You are genius, have my heartily regards on same. THANKS a TON for helping here.

Thanks a Ton to @TotallyInformation and @dynamicdave for your inputs and help here too, cheers and Happy Learning.

Thanks @E1cid - well once I'd worked out what you were doing - it worked for me also.
Not the most user-friendly feedback method I've encountered - I suspect ordinary users would just type-in a response (like I did) of yes or no (without FIRST clicking the original question).

That was the same here. I think that, in the past, I never bothered with replies - possibly for that reason (though long forgotten). Instead I tend to use a single receiver and then process more complex interactions via Rivescript and a single response node.

Well spotted @E1cid :slight_smile:

You can also use the inline key board, with specific questions and with predetermined feedback buttons.

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