Temperature is not stable - Multisensor ZW100

My temperature with my multisensor is not regular.
By default it is in farenheit and I try to convert it in celsius.
But, one time it give me a temperature in farenheit (so, in this case it's ok and I can convert it to Celsius) but another time it give me a temperature in celsius and it doesn't work because it's already in celsius.
Somebody has any idea ?
Thanks for your help


Probably wrong answer hidden

Investigate whole incoming message. Maybe the temperature unit is carried alongside the temperature value?

I don't have that device but googled the issue and actually it might be device configuration problem.
Read this :https://community.openhab.org/t/aeotec-multisensor-6-f-to-c/3433

Hi hotNipi.

And thank you for the link.
I will try flashing sensor in first time.

Hi hotNipi,

It seems to be resolved after an firmware update.
I followed this link and instruction for do that.
My mutltisensor give me the correct information now in celsius.



But the temperature grow up until 26.77 degres and go down until the real temperature in the piece.
I dont no why. It can be the multisensor need to calibrate by itself during a laps time ?..humm


Hard to tell. As I said before' I don't have this device. It seems to be device firmware or configuration issue but by exploring user experiences on this topic it seems to be mostly resolved by firmware update. Nothing more to advise.

Thanks for your help.