Text Input On Change Property

Hi there, I am trying to authenticate users through a text input, however I see that the text input changes or sends the payload through on every change made to the input.


It would be easier if you used the form node instead of text input. With the form node you can add both a username and password field in one widget and have a submit/login button at the bottom. You can also make it mandatory to enter something to be able to submit. Here is an example from my dashboard that has 4 different text inputs in one form node:


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That is awesome thanks for that, however how do I now send and receive through it?

When you press the confirming button you get an object in the message payload that has keys that correspond with the names for the fields that you defined in the node. You can preset the form in the same manner by sending it a message payload an object in the same format:

This is awesome! So my idea is to have a login screen, I can successfully test the login credentials now I would like possibly redirect to another page?

As well as is there a way to globally set variables, as I would like to try something along the lines of this; image

If successful redirect to a new page, else show an error,

I managed to figure this out

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