Text label for momentary button?

I'm glad I found a solution for a momentary button in the dashboard. A helpful user managed it with a ui_template node and it is now a FAQ:

But how to place a text label near the momentary button?
At the moment I'm using a ui_text node, fill the Label field with my text "Softbutton1" for example and place that loose node somewhere in my flow:


Is the ui_text node the only way to place text near the momentary button?

Of course not. Just add whatever text you want to the ui_template. It's just HTML at the end of the day.

Without an example I'm lost (not familiar with javascript/angular/html).
But good to know another solution exists, thank you Steve-Mcl.
Another problem I expect: How to integrate text based on HTML into the grid/tiles of the dashboard?

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