Text output of speech to text no showed?


Why the text no show? but i try many times, sometime it can showed, sometime cannot showed....

And it show below error in terminal pi....


is that related? and how solve this problem?

it like some speech can, some cannot....

When opening a new topic, it is helpful to identify the contrib nodes you are using. In your flow image you have a 'microphone', a 'speech to text' and a debug node. Only the debug node is a standard node.

Unless you identify the nodes you are using, others will have to spend time trying to find the nodes you are using and many may not.

It is also a good idea to specify the versions of NR, node.js, the dashboard (if you are using it) the platform and os.

And you should do this for every thread you open,




The quality of the response from the speech to text service is not really a node-red issue. It appears to have given you a response for each of the recordings you have sent it.

Make sure the audio is clear, without background noise. There isn't much else we can help with.


So this error can ignore? or need solve?

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