Node-red audio out node

Hello, I use node-red dashboad audio out node to play TTS in Chrome, and it is works well for most of the time, but sometime there is and error"error-not allowed", did anybody have the same issue? how to solve it?

did anybody know this issue?

really need your answering

I haven't used that node, but I will try to help.

Firstly please tell us what OS and hardware you are running on and how you installed node red.
Stop node red and start it again in a command window and copy/paste (not screenshot) the text from the command window. That will tell us a lot about your system.

Under what circumstance do you get the error?
Can you make it happen reliably?
How do you make it work again?

Hello colin,

Nice to hear from you.

Let me tell you the environment for the node-red I installed.

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise on my hp notebook

UI is opened in Google Chrome

Under what circumstance do you get the error?

When the program running for several days(less than 10 days), it happened without any special case.

Can you make it happen reliably?

Add the frequency of audio, you may get the error.

How do you make it work again?

By update the node as below capture.

Let me know if you have need any other information.


flows (5).json (3.7 KB)

node-red install information.txt (1.33 KB)

One more comments, in the node-red program I send you there is a reset function, seems it can also reset the error “not-allowed”. But I can not get the error status of this node, so I can not continusly reset like this.

Use a Status node.

Hello, Colin, sorry for late reply, a little bit busy these days.
if you keep the dashboard open for several days, this error will appear.

and it is keeping happen like this. I have no idea except to update the node and reploy or click the button in dashboard page, it will also reset this error.

You said:

I suggested

You have tried that?

only below two status is available.
I mean I can not get the status of this node.

  • started: the audio fragment playback has been started.
  • reset: the audio fragment playback has been reset (i.e. stopped before completed).

What does the Status node show when the node is showing


Show us the output from a debug node connected to the Status node. Configure the Debug node to Output Full Message

If you connect the status to a debug node are you displaying the complete msg object? If you just want the status you need to look at msg.status.text

the audio out node can no connect to the debug node :slightly_smiling_face:

We are talking here about a Status node linked to the audio node.