The NR script -help option apparently unsupported

To upgrade NR from 2 to 3 to test the MATTER node I used the script.

bash <(curl -sL

Of course it left my nodejs at 14 which is too old for the MATTER node - I noted this...

There are extra parameters you can pass to the script. Add –help to the end of the above command to see them.

Except that the result of putting -help on the end (after a space) was:

Error: Unsupported flag -help

Turns out it should be --help.

Oops, sorry Pete, I moved the rest of the thread - in that new thread I've already pinged Dave.

Docs page updated
(the source was "OK" - but apparently browsers are "clever" and can make -- into a long dash instead) - now forced to be code style so much clearer :slight_smile:


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