The specified msg.topic is not supported

I hope you can help me.
I always get this message (with every value change (update) and everything works very sluggishly in this picture!

What am I doing wrong?


There is no point posting a large flow file.

Tell us what node is generating the error and where you are seeing it.

If it is in the debug pane then it shows you the name you have given to the node. If it just shows an id number then click that and it should take you to the node.

If it is not a node-red core node then tell us which package you installed to get it.

Hi, I wanted to clear up a lot of questions with the file (already deleted)!
It's about svg graphics

In the debug area, "The specified msg.topic is not supported" is described for each


I read the temperature and write it to svg graphics using the function (thus the message is output every millisec.
As a result (I suspect) the update in the image is very sluggish.

I don't know where the problem is, even if the svg is empty without elements and pictures I get this message!

It is highly unlikely you will ever be able to push millisecond data through node-red, into a dashboard & have it update before the next value comes along.

Additionally, your monitor probably only has a 2~4ms update anyhow. Not to mention what anyone would gain by something updating every 1ms anyhow. If the value "rarely changes" then that is a LOT of wasted comms and CPU. Have you tried slimming down the data by passing it through an RBE node?

As for the "The specified msg.topic is not supported" message - what are you sending (i.e. show us what is in the message)

Lastly, I assume when you say "svg" you are refering to the node-red-contrib-ui-svg node?

Please be clear with your info and questions - it will save everyone asking and guessing :slight_smile:

In the same second 3-4 messages

yes -->node-red-contrib-ui-svg

First function
Second function
Third function

npm i node-red-node-rbe  conflict with node-red

You don't need to install the rbe node, it is included in the core nodes. It is called the Filter node now.

I've been experimenting the last few days!

I think the error is that I'm wiring the svg image with multiple functions.

If I describe two temperatures in the SVG image using two different functions!

Can someone confirm or refute this for me?

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