Theme Don't change

Please help me urgently.

Something happened after importing an example from here on the forum.

My whole theme got messed up.

And I can't restore the screen to original mode.

Did I remove all the existing CSS to go back to the original nod-red dark theme (But even that doesn't work)?

Wonder what's going on?

Even selecting this theme nothing is changed. What could be happening?

Just to complement:

I exported my whole theme to another nod-red and it broke the other nod-red as well.

If I reset everything, delete all the flows, it still has this problem of not letting me change the theme.

What will be the problem?

after a lot of headbutting.

I found out that node-red has a bug. I needed to press F5 and reload the entire node-red so that it starts working again from scratch.

That isn't a bug, it just means that the browser had cached something and you had to tell the browser to reload everything from node red in order to recover.

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For me it's a bug.

Do some things work and others not?

How can something the browser does, without involving node red, be a bug in node red?

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I agree with you, but it makes me think of the way node-red pops up a message to let you know to restart the server after updating the pallette sometimes. Maybe a well placed alert can inform a user to do a hard refresh.

I know it was pretty confusing...

I really didn't understand why I put elements on the screen and they all worked... I took the elements away and they worked.

however: When I changed the theme it didn't work.

I lost two 2 hours and a lot of work until I found out that I just had to press F5 and update.

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