There experiment is this article so i need the code of it

Low-Cost Precision Monitoring System of Machine Tools for SMEs

Author : kanglin Xing

I have no idea what you are asking for and how it relates to Node-RED.
Maybe if you posted a link it would help people understand your problem/request a bit more.

This author have done experiment

Xing, et al., 2021---Low-Cost Precision Monitoring System of Machine Tools for SMEs

So I need the code of this experiment to compare it with mine.

Is your request the same as you posted in...
I have a XML file that I needed to read it on real time by using NOD RED

If it is, then please don't cross-post as it just wastes people's time.

Why on Earth would you dream of asking such a thing in this forum? Firstly it seems to have nothing to do with Node-RED. Secondly, that is a research paper, ask the author if you want to borrow some code, not us.

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The sort of reply that endears forum members to you, ensuring you will get lots of help in future here!

The user has been banned for offensive language and behaviour.

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