I have a XML file that I needed to read it on real time by using NOD RED

I am stuck on how to read a XML file on real time using NODE RED I will attach the XML file if its needed

What have you tried so far?

What do you mean by this?

I have data in XML file so i need to present it as chart by using NOD RED

there experiment is this article so i need the code of it .
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kanglin Xing

Yes, you said that already.

What part are you stuck on?

  • have you managed to read the XML into node-red?
  • have you managed to convert the XML to JS Object?
  • Have you got anything showing in chart?

I guess you mean this article? I dont think the author is on this forum & that article doesnt seem to have any attachments

Yes brother so what can i have to do?
I need this experiment code to compare it with my experiment

I have you managed to read the XML into node-red by using C# but i need to compare with node red

Sorry but what you are saying makes no sense.

An XML file can be read directly by Node-RED using the core file-in and XML nodes. But what that has to do with "compare with Node-RED", we can't understand. If you mean that you want to compare two different versions of an XML file, that would make sense - is that what you are trying to do?