Thermal Camera - Node-Red Configuration

hello! Has anyone use Nodered to retrieve and analyse images from a thermal camera? thanks!

Maybe, if the camera has a way to share the images. But you will have to tell us if it can, only then can someone help you.

Thank you fro your answer, that makes total sense, but i was also looking for some leads on suitable camera, with MQTT or any other way of communication required to be accessible via nodered

Have you tried a forum search using thermal camera?

Yes i have, but did not find anything, that why i thought in opening this topic

Hmmm, when I search the forum using thermal camera I get 16 threads (which includes this thread.)
So you are saying that when you did a search you found no threads?

apart from " Thermal camera with image overlay" which has nothing on it the other ones i see are not relevant, if you can advise on any usefull information, please let me know

Since none of the threads help, you need to search the internet for thermal cameras that have an api that will allow you to access them.