Tiggering xstate machine

Hi all
I am new here (from Germany) and also new in using Node Red. I am looking for some support on xstate machine.
I have implemented the states but I am failing triggering the transitions from outside.
My transition condition is called "nacht".
I tried using the "Inject" Node to trigger. Not working but honestly I also cannot understand the description:

Hope someone could help me with a simple explenation :wink:

Hi Hogi.

Welcome to the forum.

when discussing a node, it is good etiquette to fully name it (or better still provide a link to it from the flows library)

Anyhow, i dont tend to use state machine nodes (I find they end up making things more complex by hiding the logic away in script blocks instead of visual/readable flows)

It may well be your task suits a state machine but lets check you are not over complicating things first.

What is your overall goal?

Did you import the example referenced in the readme to see how that works?
Assuming that you are talking about node-red-contrib-xstate-machine.

Using this:

I explicitly chose NodeRed to use that state machine...

I copied the state machine code in the state machine. If the example also contain the triggers outside I need to know how to import the complete model...

I think you will need to ask the author for help via an issue on the node's GitHub page.

Node-red nodes often have examples. You import examples using ctrl-i

This node also has a full flow example here: node-red-contrib-xstate-machine/examples/flows at master Ā· sonntam/node-red-contrib-xstate-machine Ā· GitHub

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