Time out error occurring while hitting the API

Hi Guys,
I am running 2 queries, where the 1st query output will act as a input to the 2nd query , and I need to loop through all the records from the oracle db , assume the response from db is around thousands of records , where I need to loop through each and every record (because requirement is something like that)
Do we have any solution , something like fetch the records by batches [ first fetch 100 records and next fetch another 100 records ]
because If I try to hit my API, because of looping , it is taking too much time to execute my queries and logic and finally when i hit the API from postman / using curl , I am getting a timeout error from curl and socket hang up error from postman.
Do we have any other solution ?

Please help on the above.

You've not really given anyone anything to go on I'm afraid. What API? What code have you tried?

If you are hitting an API directly, you need to understand the API in order to know whether you can batch queries, that would have nothing to do with Node-RED.

First are you sure you can't do it all in a more complex query in oracle? I don't know Oracle but it sounds rather like a Join query in MySQL.

Alternatively if the only problem is that your API hangs then you could split the API so the initial call just triggers the sequence then another API call is used to test whether it is complete and get the data.

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