Tip: Influx Db Studio

If you want to manage your influx databases easy with a gui have a look at Influx DB studio.
Unfortunately the tool is not updated in 4 years, however it works still fine with influx V1.x database.
Handy to test your querys, clean up old stuff, manage retention policy's, etc..

Hey @edje11 Thank you for the TIP, I often use InfluxDB and this tool look good for me!! do you know if there is for MAC?

Seems rather unlikely since it is build using .NET.

Still, that means that it covers 80% of the desktop market :rofl: (sorry couldn't resist - Apple are rather in my bad books at the moment after a rather heated "customer" meeting a short while ago. If they want to win over the enterprise they need to use proper standards and not slag off their customers - and also learn why Health & Safety laws are on the books but that is a story for another day).

Yes I think so!! by the way, the tool looks great!!

That is REALLY useful, thanks for sharing.

@ edje11

Try the wonderful timeseries admin life saver


I don't see any reference to InfluxDB v2 there, so I assume it only works with 1.x.

Hi we've got so much v1 in the field we've not moved to v2 so sorry can't say.

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