Today this has started to happen

NR 2.0.1
O/S Ubuntu 21.04
Dashboard 2.28.1

I have LINT installed.

Further digging I am seeing an error:
node not assigned to grid
(from lint)

What exactly is your question?

You have the lint tool installed and it's warning that you have nodes that are not aligned to the workspace grid.

Isn't that 'aligned' rather than 'assigned'? It is important to get details correct so that we don't waste time trying to understand what is going on.


I have had lint installed now for weeks.
Nothing ITMT has changed.

"Today" it throws these warnings at me.

I found the preferences for lint and deslsected the align to grid option.
The notifications went away. On THAT Tab.

Then looking at other tabs, they remained.

I re-checked the settings and it is not selected.

So it has me stumped about that.

Eventually I deslected ALL the options and the warnings went away.

I'm confused.

(Given I have done nothing in between a few weeks ago and the other day when I saw it)

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