Toggle between full and icon only

Is there a quick way/shortcut to toggle a node between full and icon only view?

Use the action list CTRL+SHIFT+P → label


If you use it very often, add a custom shortcut.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
And for others following that can't remember shortcuts - I found the Action list in the menu as well now

Funny thing - I did initially use the menu ...


... but you asked for a "quick way" and "shortcut" - cant win! :rofl:

TBF - remembering the action list shortcut is a win win since pretty much everything (and more) is in the action list - all you have to do is start typing.

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If I just used Node-RED for all my programming, then I might learn the shortcuts :slight_smile:

But since I have the attention span.......oh look - squirrel...........


If you use VSCode, CTRL-SHIFT-P does the same thing (brings up an action list AKA the palette) - so maybe worth it?

(it is a great way to quickly access features and discover even more capabilities)


Hi, my name is doug :smiley:

Once a year, I load in VSCode and spend a day trying to do something with it

I then close it, and go back to using Notepad++ for all my text program editing :slight_smile:

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