Transfer data from robot controller to Node-red

hi everyone,
Does anyone here have experience in sending data from robot controller to Node-red?

What kind of data and via what protocol?

data(robot program) from Mitsubishi robot controller to node-red via ethernet protocol

What protocol? MC Protocol? Http? Raw TCP?

Ethernet isn't a protocol.


EtherNet/IP is a protocol that runs over Ethernet. If the robot supports that then there is an EtherNet/IP node in the flows library.

I suspect the robot may also support SLMP which is pretty much MC Protocol 3e or 4e frames. There is also an MC Protocol node in the flows library. (MC Protocol is much simpler that EIP) (MC is Mitsubishi Communication)

However, EIP and MC protocol probably won't be able to read out a program. They are more for reading PLC type bits and bytes.

You are best off reading the manual. I've never touched a mitsi robot (my experience is mostly Fanuc) so I can't really help. However, I did write MC Protocol node.

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first of all, thanks a lot Steve for helping newbie like me. Your explanation help me to figure out something new.

If you dont mind, may you share with me your MC protocol node(as reference for me)?

You will find it if you search for mitsubishi in the node-red flows library,

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