Transfer messages between nodes without wires programmatically

Hi all,
Newbie here I want to retry a msg after an error throws up. Is there any way to use the nodeid and msg.payload from the catch node to trigger the failed node programmatically in the flow without linking them over wires,link nodes or context ?

Not directly, no.

Hi @knolleary ,
Thanks for the prompt reply. Can you suggest the best practice to handle error retry scenario in large flows ?

As you have suggested the two methods are Wires if you want visible readability. Links if not.

You might find this flow useful. It can be used to queue up messages till they are successfully processed (for example sending to API or email for example). All you have to be able to do is to provide an OK or FAIL result when the message is processed. If it FAILs then it will automatically be retried after a configurable timeout.

Thanks colin. Let me try that.

Hi @Colin The flow example worked. Thanks for the flow.

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