Transfer mqtt username/password as part of flow.json file

I have a node red flow that involves sending data to a mqtt server. But the problem I am facing is when I export that flow and try to install that in another node-red instance it's not receiving the username/password. apart from these two all details are transferred correctly to the new node-red server.

Please let me know how I can transfer the credentials as part of the flow file.

I am using snap to install the node-red in both the servers/machines.

you also need to copy over the flows_cred.json file that is in same directory as the flows.json file. They are not stored in the flows file so that they don't get exported by mistake.


Sorry to jump in... I have a similar query, but the exact opposite...

Could you confirm that all "confidential" data such as api keys etc are held apart from the export... A couple of lads have asked me for flow copies, but I have been dead worried that they would install and end up with my keys...


That depends on whether the nodes you are using have used the credentials feature to store the data. Which nodes are you using that store the keys?

@dceejay thanks for your reply.
The issue here is I will need to install the flow file once created on multiple instances of the node-red but the credentials will be different each time. Also, I m using the node-red snap.

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