Trigger node 12h


I need to use the trigger node (or the delay node) to wait for 12 hour and then fire the msg. Are them reliable for these long delays?

Yes, so long as there is no power cut or restart.

If you use CRON-PLUS, dynamic entries can persist a reboot.

@Steve-Mcl thank you for answering. Yes, I thought about cronplus, but I am reluctant to install the palette as this would be the only instance in all my flows, and maybe it is not worth adding a new heavy palette? Anyway, the restart could be a breaking option to think about.

do you actually want a 12 hour delay - or instead maybe 2 times a day at a set time ? (Which would then work across a restart, as others have pointed out)

Yes, the second, I need 2 times a day at a set time (i.e. At 7.00 am and at 7.00 pm)

Then you could simply use the inject node (Choose: Repeat at a specific time)

No, thanks. The inject node cannot be dynamically changed and I am controlling the flow from the dashboard. I think I will keep going with the trigger node.

Thanks to all of you.

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