TRIGGER node -- bug report

Just found another bug with the trigger node.

Details of my setup:
NR 1.0.3
Dashboard 2.19.4
O/S Ubuntu 18.4 LTS

By default the node is in the wait for mode.
If you change it to wait to be reset and deploy the node: you can't change the mode of the node.

I've tried several times now.

You get the gui when you open the node and can select the other mode/s but when you deploy it remain saying trigger & block.

I can reproduce as well.
When I add a new node, change the trigger mode and deploy, the mode of the trigger will change, but the text remains "trigger & block"

Will fix. - Workaround - When you switch mode away from wait for reset - you also need to set the time to a value other than 0.

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