Trigger notification on hitting certain temperature values

I have a BME280 reading temperature/humidity/pressure and sending the values to my MQTT broker.

As it's monitoring a room where our pets are, and the weather is heating up, I would like a notification on my phone of when the temp hits a certain value. So we do not leave the pets in too hot a room.

I have it working as per below, but it of course notifies every 10 seconds - (when a new MQTT value is sent which is over the threshold).

I would like it so that:

Warning notification sent at 25 degrees - only once
Warning notification sent at 30 degrees - only once

Some kind of buffer would be ideal i.e. as the temperature drops to 24.9 and swings back to 25.0 it does not constantly ping a notification.

Any hints appreciated!

look at the RBE node - it has several modes that may help.

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Hi @dceejay

Thank you, I did look at the RBE node, maybe I need to examine it more closely.

I looked at the deadband mode. I guess I could use a switch to allow the payload through at e.g. 25 degrees, going to RBE node set to deadband>block unless change is greater than > 5, then it 'should' notify me at 25 degrees and then again at 30 degrees.

But if the value is over 30 degrees won't it keep sending notifications every 10 seconds?

not unless it changes by more than 5 degrees while over 30.
or vanilla rbe mode will remove duplicates if steady.

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Thanks, I will have another look at it :+1:

Found a good video which explains the nodes in more details for newbies like me :smile:
The example flow is very similar in principal to my requirements.

Hey I am not sure if you are still here....

But could you share your node red flow?
I am trying to do something similar and send 2 different emails via
triggers using switch. I mainly want to be able to change the message
after the temperature to reflect where it came from and state.
eg if over this first temperature-sends email or alert that stating temperature
with message saying please check deep freeze. then if temperature worsens
I want to send an additional email or alert with the temperature per degree C
stating that need to call the refrigeration tech.

We have been having trouble with our deepfreez and had spoiled a bunch of our food cause of this.
Really cant afford to have it happen again but we also arent able to buy a new deepfreezer .
So this was just the best I could come up with.

Please if anyone else could help I would gladly appreciate it.