Triggering a flow only the second time a message is received

Hello first, I'm Pascal and I'm 19 years young. At the moment I only have experience with blockly in iobroker, but I have now switched to homeassist and since note red plays an important role there, I have been trying to use it for a short time, but I encountered a problem.
I hope you can help me.

So, as you can see in the screenshot below (hopefully), the flow is triggered, then it is checked whether the time is correct, if it is in the right time, it is then checked whether the step mat in front of my bed has already been triggered that day, if not, it starts different flow...

but if it is triggered again, the LED strip should go on. so far so good. that works, unfortunately, both flows are triggered at the same time, so now to my QUESTION.

Can I only start a flow once it has received a message for the second time?


possibly not the best method but the filter node normally only lets through values that change - and can be set to ignore the first payload value...

Of course it may then filter out some other values if you get repeated values coming through.

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