Trying to add confirm popup

I have a node which will start a loop on incoming msg.payload="start"
But before actually starting I'd like a popup to appear asking whether the user is sure.

I've tried "confirm" but that apparently doesn't work as the javascript code runs in node-js. Not in the browser.

Anyone any suggestions ?

Thanks !

Have a look at the Notification ui node

Can you explain a bit more what you mean? I don't know where to look for the "Notification ui node" (and I did look)

Hi @sander76

Flows run in the node.js runtime, entirely independently of whether someone has the editor open in a browser window. The editor is not meant to be a user dashboard for the flows.

If you are trying to create a node that has this confirmation step built into it, that anyone could install and use - you cannot rely on what UI that user has available to them to act on the confirmation.

If you are trying to build a confirmation step into a set of flows you are running, then you can look at things like Node-RED Dashboard to create a user interface for your flows - which is where the notification node Colin mentions would come in.

Alright. Thanks for the detailed explanation!

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