Trying to display CD artwork on dashboard

I am trying to display artwork of a current CD or radio player on my dashboard. The artwork is stored as a .jpg file on my PC. This file name will change when playing a different station or CD. I can grab the file name of a Homeseer node. Its stored on my NR PC in this directory C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3\html\images\Sonos\Artwork

This is the debug output of that node

So the output is in payload.status_image

I use a change node to construct a file name including directory and end up with the path

C:/Program Files (x86)/HomeSeer HS3/html/images/Sonos/Artwork/CoverRINCON_B8E937D3461001400_1808.jpg

I have tried to display that picture via the ui media node, but even browsing to that location on the media node will not display anything

This is the file as a example

I have found a solution. I use a ui template node, and send information from a Sonos node, with group.get.trackplus, and display the payload.artUri


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