Trying to figure out how to get Alexa to squirt a numerical value into Node-Red flow

As part of a larger project I'm trying to find a simple way which will enable a button in the mobile Alexa app on my phone to inject a numerical value into a Node-Red flow. I have been able to do it with a simple true/false response on the press of a switch but am a bit lost when it comes to squirting a number in there. All I have is a simple flow consisting of an Alexa smart home V3 node connected to a debug out node. Needless to say that I have set up the corresponding device in Node-Red smart home control and it works great when the device is operated in the Alexa app which then responds with a simple true/false in the debug node. I've tried setting up different types of devices in the Alexa app such a switch with a brightness slider in the hope that the sliders value will be displayed in the debug node and I could use that value but it doesn't work satisfactorily or consistently. If anyone could suggest a way forward I would be very grateful.


Take a look at

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